Recently, I learned about half adder quantum circuits and decided to replicate one. In quantum computing, we use tools called quantum logic gates, which are quantum circuits that is operating on a small number of qubits. In this algorithm, we will use Qiskit to encode our input, perform our desired operations on each bit using logic gates, and extract our output! I will be adding 1+1 on a 4-qubit system.

A logic gate is an idealized computation model or physical electronic device which utilizes boolean functions (logical operations performed on one or more binary inputs)to produce a signal binary output.

The Process

Probability. You likely remember being taught about it in school through John having an absurd amount of watermelons. Outside of the scope of fruits, this branch of mathematics is actually an integral part of the foundations of many emerging technologies, especially quantum computing.

Learning how to predict the probability of things is one of the most important progressions of the human species to date. In quantum computing, knowing how to make predictions is integral to its usage.

John has a box of 20 watermelons. He draws a dot on 2 two of them. He gives this box to Sally to…

You leave the buzzing store on a Saturday morning. As you are skipping out of the store, you begin to hear a harsh ringing. The security alarm is going off. You awkwardly turn to the employees of the store knowing you did not steal the avocado-oil-almond extract-rose-petal-bath bomb thing the Lush employee really wanted you to buy. It was just a glitch in the system. But what caused this startling, head-turning situation to emerge? It was the workings of Radio Frequency Identification Technology.

What Is Radio Frequency Identification?

Radio Frequency Technology or RFID, is used to track tags on objects. It uses electromagnetic waves to…

Laura Duffley

17-year-old Innovator at The Knowledge Society

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